Monday, 16 December 2013


Some weeks ago a lathe arrived at the FKHQ, a really bitchin' piece of equipment to broaden and expand our services.

This Sunday we fired it up and blew an ongoing sleeping project back into life, Scatch's Ironhead desperately needed its hairy legs shaved in order to split through the wind with skinny, shiny shaved forklegs, despite its hairy owner..

We started by disassembling the forklegs, roughly grinded the fendermountingtabs and caliper mounts down, chucked the legs in the lathe and started spinning!
Our oldskool 60's conventional lathe is a pleasure to work with, while the process may appear slow, its a helluvalot faster than the olderskool method of angle grinding, filing and endless sessions with sandpaper in order to shave your legs (or other cylindrical shaped metal parts that need a shiny surface)!
Sanded the legs super smooth before we started the polishing sequence. Some polishing paste, a pair of dirty hands, 3 coffee's, 4 interruptive telephone calls later the gritty looking forklegs came to their new life again.

Up next is assembling the forks, we will treat the inner fork tubes, squirt some new hydraulic oil into the forks and mount new seals with our handy-dandy fork seal installation tool!
Stay tuned! Or send in your to be shaved legs! We will bring new life to them!

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