Monday, 18 August 2014

New FK Fabrication project

Just recently we picked up a Honda cb360 stocker wich will be transformed into one cool caferacer.
After stripping the bike we selected a mix of parts wich wil be used.
Who'd ever think that a Kawasaki dirtbike duo shock rear-end and a classic Marzocchi front-end would find a happy marriage in a 1974 Honda frame ?

Some aluminum spacers wich will hold needle bearings needed to be machined to fit the duo shock rear-end in the Honda frame

We removed unnecessary bungs, tabs and other crap, grinded everything smooth and beadblasted the frame
 The aluminum Kawasaki dirtbike rear-end fits like a glove!
The stock engine (here for mock-up and measurement purposes) will get a complete overhaul and needs to be updated.
Carbs, ignition, head and camshaft will be upgraded into better quality parts, for reliablity and some more power.

 Up front we'll use a classic Marzocchi front end with a hefty drumbrake.

Timken-style bearings will be used so in the next couple of days we'll be working on that!
Stay tuned!

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