Monday, 15 September 2014

CB360 caferacer project update

A lot of work has been done lately, mostly cleaning parts, searching for parts and ordering them.
We fitted the Marzocchi triple trees with the original Honda stem in order to fit original size bearings.
Some machining was done on the Marzocchi parts to obtain a perfect fit for the lengthened original Honda stem, custom protective caps where machined from aluminum to keep dirt away from the new conical head-race bearings.

New aluminum end caps where machined, stylish and functional and matching the looks of the Italian fork parts.
We bead blasted the parts for that satin finish, wich kinda looks cool.

Front hub waiting for some parts, after that we'll align it and have it detailed by Royal Jack

Custom aluminum caps for the Marzocchi forks
The front hub has undergone the Royal Jack treatment, after this treatment the hub will be laced with a high shouldered aluminum rim.

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