Thursday, 5 February 2015

Attention Crazy Frank Lovers!

Check this out Crazy Frank lovers!
No more spending many hours and cash looking over ebay or the local swapmeet for a hard to find and expensive original, we got you covered:
Meet The Real Fender, an exact and quality reproduction of a Crazy Frank Fender. An original Crazy Frank from back in the day was used to carefully make patterns for this reproduction. It has the same dimensions, material thickness and assembly techniques as the original. Impress even the most dedicated Crazy-Frank-O-Phile when you tell him it's not an original, wow!
They come with a sissybar as standard, as that's what most people ask for anyway, when you want one without that's an option too. And even matching seats are an option. But, please keep in mind, the fender was designed for late Shovelhead (FX) frames, they can be made to fit other frames, but that's up to you. The fender comes without mounting holes, these you have to drill yourself, the benefit of which is that you can decide on the position and stance of the fender to make sure it looks right with your frame, suspension and wheel combination which all determine the overall look of the bike.
Then, if you go with the seat option or want just the seat, please keep in mind that your fender can only be in the standard position to have correct fit and interface  between the seat, fender and frame.
E-mail us for more in-depth information and pricing, it helps if you give us your location for the shipping price. We'll forward the hard questions to the The Real Fender production team ->
Keep 'm swinging!

Update: now no longer available - SORRY FOLKS!!

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  1. had a crazy Frank fender on my sportster back in the seventies. Bought it from the old Jammer's handbook. You guys should put the original mounting tabs tapped and treaded like the original. At least as one configuration. I'd buy one,with seats and sissy bar,round. I have an 82 shovel for the past 20 years or so. Another Item I've been lookin for is the old curved fender struts for mounting a flat fender on a shovel like they once had around.Seems most folks want baggers these days since most HD qwners seem to be babyboomers now just like 40 yrs ago.