Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Another Honda! Japan is taking over!

Some time ago Jeff contacted us.
Jeff  purchased a very cool 70's style Honda CB750 chopper some time ago and the bike needed some work.
Some engine work (leaking gaskets, sloppy carbs and some wiring) will be done but only after we succesfully modified this fine piece of chopper history.
A Girder front end was found wich will complete this chopper, we machined new framecups to hold modern style timken bearings, we fabricated spacers for the smooth rimmed 21" spoolhubbed front wheel and Roll Without Controll wizard Giel bended some rusty tubing into a fabulous six-bend handlebar, needles to say that these bars where finished with high quality show-chrome.

Some more modifications are on its way!

The girder, still waiting for the perfect geometry set-up, the thing with girders is that they are frame specific and they can not be "just fitted" in a different sized frame, the height of the stem affects the geometry of the parallelogram, kinda crucial with these types of forks

A quick mock-up

temporary bars and riser, for mock-up purposes

A smooth rimmed 21" with a spoolhub, like a wet dream *disclaimer; we are aware that the tire is the wrong way around*

You gotta love CB 750 engine!

Stylish spoolhub, matching spacers, by the way, it was a pain in the ass to find the right size bearings for this hub/axle combo.

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