Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Project "O" is Back!!

Remember that pile of parts that we transformed into a cool runnin' chopper?

Well, its back!
The owner rode the shit out of it this summer just to make sure it wouldn't fall apart, just kiddin', its a great idea to put some miles on a finished chopper before painting and detailing it.

This way, minor flaws can be easily modified, or even completely redone if there would be anything out of taste or whatever.
Budget-wise a smart decision.
You wouldn't want to scratch away some high-dollar paintjob for an extra tab on a frame, would you? And don't even think about welding on a freshly painted or powdercoated frame.
Just saying..

Anyway, the bike is back, we took it apart for paint, polish, chrome.
Master welder "J" will be fabbin' a new stainless steel exhaust soon.
The shovelhead engine  and 4-speed gearbox will be rebuild for a slighly better performance then stock, durabilty is key here!

Will post some updates!
Project 'O" as it left a couple of months ago, a rough build chopper, put together from a pile of parts
The ISR sprocket brake, worked like a charm but will get a new sprocket/disc, safety first

The temporary steel exhaust, will be replaced by a stainless steel one

The hardtailframe had it last welding done, some tabs needed some cosmetic work, it will be beadblasted and inspected, after that it will get a nice satin black powdercoating

Shovelhead power will be found again, some higher compression pistons, headwork, mild grind camshaft, tolerances within spec and an electronic ignition combined with a new S&S super "E" shorty will do just fine


More parts, waiting for a clean-up, paint, coating or polishing

The primary, a chain driven primairy will remain, kicker/electric start combo, some new bearings, adjusters and clutch plates will do the trick.

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